Turn-key Solutions

Abundant’s turnkey solutions span from site origination, permitting, financing, engineering, procurement, construction, commissioning, operation & maintenance, and asset management of high efficient or renewable energy projects (“Projects”) such as Solar Photovoltaic (“Solar”) and Combined Heat & Power (“CHP”).

Access to Low-Cost Capital

In collaborating with AI Renewable, a flow-through limited partnership, Abundant has access to low-cost capital financing, allowing us to identify economically-sound projects and execute them with no capital investment from the client1

Asset Management

Following Commercial Operation, Abundant fulfills asset management duties for the entire life cycle of the system to ensure long-term efficiency and success for our customers. Abundant currently has 30 megawatts of assets under management in North America.

What is CHP?

What is CHP?

Combined Heat and Power (CHP) or cogeneration is an energy-efficient solution has produced financial saving for numerous industries around the globe that have substantial electricity and thermal energy needs.

Gas Price Stability and Electricity Price Volatility

The electricity price in Ontario is estimated to increase by 3% annually on average over the next 16 years. Particularly in 2022 electricity prices are expected to increase significantly due to the supply gap documented by the IESO. Are you interested in achieving significant savings on both electricity and heating? AES offers free quotes to those interested in Natural Gas-Fuelled Onsite Generation solutions.

Have questions?

Do you want to learn about the existing CHP market? Are you curious about how many years of solutions can remain operational? AES has answered some of the common questions we get about onsite generation.

The Abundant Offer

Based on your business requirements and financial needs, Abundant offers two options for implementing a CHP solution.
    1.Energy Service - Long-term Reliable Energy Supply with Significant Cost Savings at NO Capital Required from you
    2.Purchase - Long-term Reliable Energy Supply with Tax Benefits at NO Up-front Capital Cost
Do you want more details about estimate development timelines and savings?

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